Designing the building for use



BEAMknot is a 'use simulator': it shows parametric models of buildings (e.g. BIM), simulates changes in their environments and evalues their potential impact on the well-being of users and on their activities


BEAMknot is an open platform that can be used whatever modeling software the building's Digital Twin is made of


The platform is designed to be used by everyone, with no need for specific technical expertise in BIM or design


People and their impact on the environment are at the heart of design and management of a building


BEAMknot is a predictive model of the impact of possible future changes to the building on its performance level


BEAMknot ensures the continuity of management by creating a communication channel between the various expertises operating at different stages of the building's life


The platform provides different levels of customisation both of the visualization methods of the BIM model and of managing information and expected results

Why BEAMknot

The platform can be used at any stage of a building's life.
Changes are no longer a point of organizational discontinuity, but are the foundation of a new organizational model of building management

Designing and building…

BEAMknot is a predictive model of the performance level of the building depending on its use and users. The platform can be used by designers and construction management to intercept

the customer's needs in terms of organisation and resource management, depending on the use that will be made of the building once realised. It is possible to evalue the level of satisfaction of the client's expectations in correspondence with the planned technological solutions and any subsequent modifications during construction.

Using the building…

BEAMknot allows a parametric building model visualisation built on the needs of those who will manage the activities within it once it is built.

The platform makes it possible to monitor the performances level of the building and to optimise the management of resources and investments in order to achieve the expected result. The way the BIM model is displayed and information is accessed is designed to meet customer needs.

When changes are planned...

Change is now part of our daily lives and anticipating its impact on our activities and needs becomes more crucial every day.

BEAMknot makes it possible to make virtual changes to the spaces of a building (e.g. change of use) and to evalue their impact on the organisation of activities within them, depending on the use to be made of them and the users: it evalues how suitable the spaces are for the use to be made of them.

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